View Full Version : Verizon LG Voyager Gets a Huge Firmware Update

12-19-2007, 04:44 AM

* Fixed issue with V CAST Music and 4GB+ removable memory read error
* Adds ability to reset V CAST Mobile TV client
* Update power settings to improve battery life performance
* Bluetooth enhancements to audio, pairing, and key tone
* Mobile Web - HTML browser enhancements
* Fixed to display �=� symbol on the bottom in the calculator for LG Joy font
* Fixed to access to keypad through only one step while in a call
* Fixed the auto lock setting so that the touch screen will not lock on its own when auto lock is set to off
* Fixed to allow ESPN application on external touch screen
* Fixed to allow Mobile IM on external touch screen
* Fixed to have no difference between the displayed image (to let you know which scene was taken) and the actual saved image, when you take a picture aiming at any moving objects
* Fixed when device goes to maps.google.com, the device resets

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