View Full Version : Twitter? How Many Use it?

02-11-2009, 09:45 PM
So how many of you BRS members actually use Twitter or have never used it before?

I personally never used it until just recently even though it has been around for almost 3 years. But since I have joined it and started using it via the SocialScope Application. I have grown quite much in love with it. it is quite fun and interesting to read about everyone. Surely gets you by a boring time in your day.

If you wanna add me feel free to click on over to my profile and click follow;

Twitter / BRSDiddy (http://twitter.com/BRSDiddy)

or if you need to create a account go here;

Twitter: What are you doing? (http://twitter.com)


P.S. If you do have it or signed up feel free to post your profile addy here.

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