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09-14-2010, 10:53 PM

Inure - to become beneficial or advantageous

Are you tired of seeing very nice themes in two versions? For example a theme that has a vertical scrolling dock and a bottom scrolling dock version? Decisions decisions! Inure has definitely found a solution to that problem. A one of a kind theme that lets you choose between either a vertical scrolling dock or a bottom scrolling dock.
For keyboard devices:
-When you first activate the theme scroll up to the two thumbs
-Click on any of the 2 thumbs to choose a mode
-Scroll down to the dock and enjoy!
-To bring up the page to choose modes simply click the # o and scroll up
For touchscreen devices:
On-screen directions

2 different dock modes in one theme
Vertical scrolling dock with 11 customizable icons
Bottom scrolling dock with 10 customizable icons
No carrier
Wallpaper friendly


Reworked on-screen menu
On screen directions for touchscreen devices
Added weather widget - you must have a free or paid weather app
Transparent Menus
Fixed overlapping text in active call screen for keyboard devices
No transitions for a smoother experience

Buy the theme at the Mobihand store HERE (http://www.mobihand.com/product.asp?id=86182)

Note: If you previously purchased the theme email me through the Mobihand Store so I can verify you and send you a coupon to download the upgrade for free. I had to wipe the theme and re-upload it, so it will not show up on your Mobihand Store account. Make sure you email me from the same email you use at the Mobihand Store. Sorry for the inconvenience

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