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08-14-2011, 05:35 PM
When i first got my iPhone everyone always talked about jailbreaks. And until about 6 months ago I never really got to experience a jailbreak.

If you jailbreak, sure it voids your warranty, but you can easily remove your jailbreak and it's not illegal anymore. Plus if you jb there are SOOOOOOOO Many more customization options. Such as:
(check out my screenshots)
Stock vs jailbreak

Left is jailbroken and right is stock. On stock you're pretty limited, you can change wallpaper. But you can't theme, change font, add tweaks or anything fun. But with a jb you can theme it, which I have I also have some tweaks installed so my icons spin around when I scroll through pages of icons, color keyboard which allows for coloring your keys which I have in pink plus bytafont which let's you change your font and you can even change font for different areas, like system, keyboard, and lock screen areas of your phone.

For jailbreak users, some tweaks drain your battery more than stock so you have to decide if it's worth it or not. For me it totally is!

In cydia which is your jailbreak app store basically, you download all your themes, add tweaks, install different repositories to get themes and tweaks from, download file explorers which are all things you can not do on stock.

I'm a huge fan of jailbreak, it does come with risks. If something does happen to your phone you are responsible for it. Also, vs having to hold down the power button forever when your phone freezes you can access what is called sbs settings and respring which is basically a reboot to your device without actually turning it off.

And that is why I love my iOS jailbreak :)

Edit: I forgot to change the font back to stock, hopefully that doesnt confuse people with my super girly fonts :p

Any questions? Feel free to ask! :)

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